Comics with AI

Comics challenge current creative AI technologies in several ways. Up until today we haven't seen any proper autonomously generated comics yet.

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De Buurtpolitie

De Buurtpolitie

The popular comic strip De Buurtpolitie, is a spin-off of the well-known series on the commercial Flemish TV station VTM.

Cartooning workshop

If you are a teenager and want to become world famous with a pen and paper, this is your thing!

Kinky & Cosy stamp

The Belgian Post Office has issued a Kinky & Cosy stamp with price code 2 for sending extra-heavy comic books.

Kinky & Cosy street

Brussels not only has a Kinky & Cosy street but also a sixty-foot-tall fresco of these terrible twins in red dresses.

Kinky & Cosy Experience

25,000 visitors allowed themselves to be "brainwashed" in this pleasantly deranged exhibition in a shipping container.