ThE kinKY & CoSY expERIencE #KCexP

"The Kinky & Cosy Experience" will transform you forever! Four great stages are waiting for you. Stage 1: We subtly start with a brainwash. Poof! Forget everything your parents and school have taught you! Stage 2: Now that we freed up some space, we will install the Kinky & Cosy thought system with a barrage of multiple-choice questions. Wow! That went fast!

Stage 3: You deserve a break. Well, not really. Guised as fun and games, you will be subjected to intensive practice to exercise your newfound knowledge. Now you are ready. Stage 4: The ultimate test. Your parents better watch you closely or be well-insured because you will be returned to them as a Kinky or a Cosy!

Get The Kinky & Cosy Experience for your event !

The Kinky & Cosy Experience was a big success at the Angoulême Internation Comics Festival. Now it can be part of your event too! Check the presentation file with all the details on this magical pink coloured metal box.

For a presentation file in a different language (Français, Nederlands, Italiano, Deutsch), please contact us.

What the PReSs saYs ABoUT uS

Clint Thumb

France 3

An exhibition that is going to make some noise

Clint Thumb

Le Monde

Sensory and crazy

Clint Thumb

Focus Le Vif

The most playful and atypical

Clint Thumb

De Standaard

An exhibition like you have never seen before

Clint Thumb

De Morgen

Sublime, wonderful

Clint Thumb

Sud Ouest

What a brainwash !

Our TeAM

  • fa fa-film

    The Artist

    It’s been 1,5 year since Nix started telling everybody he wanted a travelling Kinky & Cosy exhibition in a container. His friends could be divided in two groups. Those who thought he was crazy and told him. And those who thought he was crazy but shut up. Now the container is touring, he’s thinking of something new.

  • fa fa-film

    Ben De Wever

    Ben goes a long way back working with Nix on animations of Kinky & Cosy. As a comic artist he has this hilarious character Harry. A yellow unscrupulous alcohol drinking bear that shows up regularly in comic fanzines Zone5300 and Stroke.

  • fa fa-film

    Manon Aknin

    Up to date, Manon hasn’t seen the full reach of the meaning of the word ‘Communication’. She speaks to the presse, takes pictures, makes websites, arranges agendas, books hotels, makes plannings, etc... etc.... Manon is also called ‘manager of everything’.