De Buurtpolitie #23 : De keisnijding

At the flea market, Stafke makes a unique find, an original engraving by Bruegel. His excitement is short-lived, because that same night his new acquisition is stolen during a brutal burglary. Stafke catches the culprit in the act and pays for it with a tap on the head that gives him a big bump and lands him in a coma. In his dreams, he is transported to the vibrant life of the sixteenth century, where he is determined to find the legendary Bruegel. In the present, the Buurtpolitie team begins a race against time to track down the art thief. The commissioner knows Stafke knows the culprit, but cannot question him while he is unconscious. Will Stafke awaken from his coma in time to reveal the secret, or will the unscrupulous thief return to take revenge on Stafke?

  • Writer & Artist: NIX
  • Pencil cleaning: Benus
  • Inking: Helene Lespagnard
  • Colors: BenBK

  • 32 pages, Dutch
  • EAN : 9789002279300
  • Published november 21, 2023 by Standaard Uitgeverij
  • Album price: €7.99