De Buurtpolitie #22 : Een oogje dicht

Two playing children shatter the church's stained glass window with their soccer. The pastor sees in the broken window - on which was an image of the all-seeing eye of God - the omens of impending doom. A prediction that comes true, because shortly thereafter Aunt Maria's inheritance is stolen. On the same day, the Fat One, the Thin One and the Short One are released from prison. And meanwhile, the pastor himself is put to the test when he finds a mysterious key.... Will the police team succeed in clearing up all these mysteries?

  • Writer & Artist: NIX
  • Pencil cleaning: Benus
  • Inking: Phaedra Derhore and Helene Lespagnard
  • Colors: BenBK

  • 32 pages, Dutch
  • EAN : 9789002279294
  • Published september 6, 2023 by Standaard Uitgeverij
  • Album price: €7.99