De Buurtpolitie #21 : Mister Dirty & Madam Proper

Gonda is looking for a boyfriend who looks like Johnny Depp. But her search is anything but ordinary. In fact, her new loverboy turns out to be a real gangster, which causes Gonda to unintentionally fall into the world of crime. While drugs are being stolen and bullets are flying around her ears, she suddenly finds herself in a very difficult position since she's also a cleaning lady with the police.

  • Writer & Artist: NIX
  • Pencil cleaning: Benus
  • Inking: Phaedra Derhore and Helene Lespagnard
  • Colors: BenBK

  • 32 pages, Dutch
  • EAN : 9789002279287
  • Published may 30, 2023 by Standaard Uitgeverij
  • Album price: €7.99