ThE ArTist : NIX

Kinky & Cosy was created by Nix, Marnix Verduyn’s pseudonym, comic artist, born in Kortrijk (Flemish Belgium) in 1969. A student in Leuven, he already enjoyed a certain reputation as an illustrator and satirical cartoonist. Upon graduating, he opted for an engineering career in the telecommunications sector. But one never changes, and he ended up returning to his first love of drawing.

After making all kinds of comics for newspapers and magazines, in 2001, he launched the Kinky & Cosy series, which soon became a cult success. Shortly after, the comic books about the world’s most dangerous twins were published by Le Lombard.

In recent years, Nix had worked in Belgium, China, France and the USA to produce 500 animated episodes of Kinky & Cosy for television. Meanwhile, the author regularly draws his Billy Bob series for Spirou, about a little boy who dreams of being a cowboy and lives the most absurd adventures in the Far West