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Marnix Verduyn a.k.a. NIX graduated from KU Leuven university (Belgium) as an Engineer in Electronics with a master thesis on cellular neural networks. After leaving the security of a stable job in telecoms services, Nix decided to follow his passion in comics. Nix is the creator of the newspaper comic strips ‘Kinky & Cosy’ which get your attention for both their visual style as by the absurd humor. Besides finding expression through comics and animation, his works have been displayed in exhibitions all over Europe, as well as New York and Singapore. Nix’ sense of humor also surfaces in his involvement in stand-up comedy. He has been for 10 years a Lecturer at Luca School of Art in Brussels. Recently he went back to university to deepen his interest in Artificial Intelligence. With a focus on creative AI, he explores the possibilities of having machines support the creation process of a comic strip.

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Online references

Lambiek Comiclopedia serves up a fine overview of my career as a comic book author. While not entirely accurate, it is certainly the most complete one available. Bedetheque gives only a limited view because it focuses on French-language releases only.