Kinky & Cosy at the Comics Art Museum in Brussels

Éditions Le Lombard have existed for 77 years. "So what?" you might say. But for this comic book publisher, known for Thorgal, The Smurfs, Blake & Mortimer among others, 77 years is a symbolic anniversary. In days gone by, Le Lombard published the weekly Tintin, which bore the famous subtitle "for youngsters from 7 to 77 years old," hence. The terror twins Kinky & Cosy are also part of this comic book family and are currently shining in an impressive retrospective at the Belgian Comics Art Museum. It is an expo with a clever concept and an elegant execution in which you can discover their contrarian jokes through a large keyhole. Thanks to the inventive curator Thierry Bellefroid (in the picture with me)!

Expo Le Lombard, a family affair: 09.09.23 > 24.08.24

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